We Want your Oats!! and due to our rapid global expansion, we are looking to purchase oats that are suitable for processing products made for human consumption.


"New Crop"Organic 1CW milling oats (CAD PER BUSHEL FOB PLANT "COM"):

January to May 2023 No BID

Conventional milling 1cw Oats:

To see the specs chart, please click on the following link:

Incoming Raw Material Specifications

To see the «Oat Varieties approval list», please click on the following link:

Oat Varieties Approval List

Crop 2022 -2023
AprilNo Bid
MayNo Bid
JuneNo Bid
JulyNo Bid
AugustNo Bid

NEW CROP 2023 2024 (Fordward Contracts)

September $ 4.25
October$ 4.25
November$ 4.25
December$ 4.25
January$ 4.25
Updated to March 2023