Due to our rapid global expansion, we are looking to purchase oats that are suitable for processing products made for human consumption.


The Race is on! 

Early Harvest Off Combine Special Daily Spot Price $3.70/bus

Delivery August 26 through September 13th.

Reply by E-mail or call Tom @ 1-800-916-6287

First come, first served. 

Limited Volumes available.!!!!!!!!!!

Canadian Oats is paying a premium for immediate delivery of old crop or new crop milling oats.   Final Delivery  by Sep 13, 2019.  If you are one of the lucky ones and able to start harvest earlier than most, give me a call and book your deliveries.   If you have a half load or more taking up space, now is the time to give me a call.


Contact the Grain buyer:

Desk: @1-800-916-6287     Cell Ph 780-886-2670    Head office 780-973-9102 (Buyer ext.:  1)

E-mail: tom@canadian-oats.com




“New Crop”Organic CW milling oats (CAD PER BUSHEL FOB PLANT “COM”):

Sep-Dec 2019: $5.80bu

Jan-Aug 2020: $6.00 bu

Conventional milling 1cw Oats:

To see the specs chart, please click on the following link:

Incoming Raw Material Specifications

To see the “Oat Varieties approval list”, please click on the following link:

Oat Varieties Approval List

current crop: (CAD PER BUSHEL FOB PLANT “COM”)

aug-19  $            3.70 bu


sep-19               2.90
oct-19               2.90
nov-19        3.00
dec-19               3.10
jan-20               3.10
feb-20               3.10
mar-20               3.20
apr-20               3.30
may-20               3.20
jun-20               3.10
jul-20               3.30
ago-20                   3.30

*Updated to May 27 2019

sep-19              3.00